Uninsured Motorist Accidents: Not Just an Alameda Problem

The number of uninsured motorist injury accidents in Alameda County and throughout the State of California is astounding. This post addresses the problem and potential solutions to protect you against uninsured drivers.

If you are involved in an automobile injury accident in Oakland or throughout Alameda County, the odds are almost one in five that one of the parties will be uninsured. The State of California Insurance Department does not release information of the current numbers of California uninsured drivers, but as of 2004, a study released showed that over 13% of Alameda county drivers were uninsured. In some counties, the percentage exceeded 20%. More recently, The Insurance Research Council estimate the percentage of uninsured drivers on California highways to be approximately 18%. That’s almost a one in five chance that your automobile injury accident will be involving an uninsured driver.

Fortunately, California law requires that all insurance policies include coverage against uninsured drivers. The coverage however can be waived if done in writing.

As a Oakland personal injury attorney, I recommend to my clients to never waive the uninsured motorist coverage on their policies. Also, it is important to have your uninsured motorist limits equal your liability limits. In this way, you will be protected if you have the unfortunate experience of being involved in an uninsured motorist accident.


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