San Francisco Pedestrian Killed in Crosswalk

Two elderly pedestrians were struck in crosswalks in San Francisco in unrelated accidents on Thursday, September 2, 2010. The first collision involved a hit and run auto accident. The driver ran over a pedestrian, Joyce Lau, as she was walking in a crosswalk. She later died as a result of her injuries. The hit run driver was caught and arrested for felony hit and run driving.

The second accident also occurred in an intersection where the pedestrian was walking in a marked crosswalk. A 79 year old unidentified woman was crossing the Bayshore Blvd. with the right of way when the driver took a right turn onto Bayshore from Bacon and hit her.

As a San Francisco personal injury lawyer, I have unfortunately seen many such serious pedestrian accidents. The law is clear that a pedestrian in a marked crosswalk has the right of way. As drivers, even if we have a green light, we have an obligation to make sure the crosswalk is clear before making a right turn onto an adjacent street such as in the Bayshore Blvd. accident described above. As pedestrians, we are obligated to obey all traffic signals. If the intersection is controlled only by lights, we are free to enter the crosswalk upon the green light. However, if the traffic control also has a red hand, that control supersedes the green light. If the red hand is up, the pedestrian may not enter the intersection even if the light in her direction is green.

By keeping our eyes open, and obeying the traffic laws, tragic accidents like these San Francisco pedestrian accidents can be avoided. If you have been injured as a pedestrian by a hit and run driver such as Ms. Lau, your automobile insurance uninsured motorist coverage will provide help. By filing an uninsured motorist claim you may recover for your medical bills, lost earnings, and compensation for your pain and suffering. If you have been injured by a hit and run driver you should be aware of your legal rights and your rights under your uninsured motorist insurance coverage.


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