Richmond Student Settles Claim Against School District for Rape at School Dance

richmond high.jpgThe West Contra Costa Unified School District has entered into a confidential settlement of a claim filed by a young girl who was raped on the Richmond High School campus in 2009. The girl had been attending a school dance and was gang raped in a dark courtyard while numerous students and others were aware of the ongoing attack.

Under California law, a special relationship exists between a school and its students. The schools are under a legal obligation to use appropriate care and prudence to assure that our students are kept safe. School districts which do not provide adequate security and supervision of school events are liable for personal injuries caused to students as a result of this neglect. This is true even if the injury is caused by the criminal conduct of others if such conduct is reasonably foreseeable.

Claims against school districts are covered by special sections of the California Government Code. When suing a school district or any public entity, you must file a government claim within six months of the date of the injury or the claim will be barred by law. There are many other special requirements when suing a school district. As a Richmond personal injury lawyer, I see many mistakes that people make when suing school districts because the rules are not followed. You should be aware of your legal rights and obligations, if you are considering a claim against a school district or other public agency.


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