Pottery Barn Pulls Drop Side Cribs: Infant Safety Must Come First

I reported on June 1, 2010, in my post “Defective Product Recall: Drop Side Cribs Related To Infant Deaths”, about the risk to babies of using drop side cribs. At that time, the Consumer Product Safety Commission recalled over two million of these defective products.

These defective products can cause infant deaths when the sides of the crib separate and the baby’s body falls in the gap. This can cause the baby to hang and suffocate. More recently, Pottery Barn for Kids announced that it will no longer sell drop side cribs. This is a step in the right direction, but a complete ban is the only solution. While Pottery Barn has acted responsibly, other retailers continue to ignore their corporate responsibility to provide only safe products to the public.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has now proposed an outright ban on drop side cribs. The CPSC states that the drop side cribs are responsible for the deaths of 32 infants.

As a father of four, and as an Alameda personal injury attorney handling defective products cases, I can think of no greater tragedy than a family who loses their child as a result of of a crib which should never have been on the market in the first place. Safety should come first; not corporate profits. The time to ban these drop side cribs is now.

Resources: Reuters, July 14, 2010, Pottery Barn recalls drop-side cribs, U.S. plans ban

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