Orinda Wet Roads Involved in Fatal Car Accident

wet roads.jpgA forty-nine year old man, driving home from work, died when his car crashed in Orinda. The automobile accident occurred on Fish Ranch Road near the Caldecott Tunnel. Although the accident is still under investigation by the police, family members believe that rain and windy conditions contributed to the accident.

As an Oakland personal injury lawyer, I know there are many ways for cities and the State of California to help prevent auto accidents caused by dangerous wet roads.

Hydroplaning occurs when water penetrates between the roadway and the tire. But technology exists to reduce car hydroplaning due to water puddling on the roadway. Public roads can and should be designed with a crown to drain water away properly. However, even properly crowned roads can become dangerous if the rains are heavy. Longstanding research by NASA has also shown how proper grooving of the pavement can channels off water even in heavy rain conditions.

Drivers have the legal right to drive on a safe roadway. The State of California and our Cities have the duty to safely design and maintain our public roads. When dangerous conditions of public property such as bad design or lack of grooving, cause auto accidents, the public entities should be held accountable.


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