Oakland Truck Accident: Questions That Need to be Asked

ba-dumptruck09_P_0502205541_part6.jpgOn September 8, 2010, a dump truck driver lost control of his truck and caused a multi-car accident. The truck driver said he lost his brakes as he was exiting highway 580 causing this Oakland car accident. 13 vehicles were involved and four people were injured and sent to the hospital. The extent of the injuries are unknown at this time.

So if you suffered injuries in an accident such as this Oakland car crash, what would you do? There were 13 vehicles involved; 4 were injured; the driver says it’s not his fault. Would you hire an Oakland personal injury lawyer? Would an injury attorney be helpful?

Truck accidents like this raise lots of complicated legal questions. For example, there is a limited amount of insurance. How much is it and how should it be distributed among all of the injured persons? Is the truck driver off the hook because his brakes failed and he couldn’t have prevented that (hint, he’s not)? Is there an independent mechanic involved who negligently performed brake maintenance? Who is the employer of the truck driver if there is one? What training and experience did the truck driver had? If the brakes were faulty, were there signs that the brakes were failing which the driver and/or owner of the truck should have known about?

These are all questions that need to be investigated before settling any personal injury claim. Most people simply don’t have the background, time, or inclination to deal with all of these issues so they often turn to a personal injury lawyer for help. But mistakes can be made before you contact an attorney which can hurt your claim. Before discussing an injury claim with an insurance company, you should know the “Do’s and Don’ts” following an automobile accident. Before hiring a personal injury attorney in Oakland or anywhere else, know the right questions to ask the injury attorney.


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