Oakland Man Dies After Fremont Hit And Run Pedestrian Accident

hit & runs.jpgSalim Nosrat, age 83, of Oakland died Friday evening from injuries he suffered in a hit and run accident. Mr. Nosrat was run down in a crosswalk at the intersection of Fremont Boulevard and Norris Road in Fremont. After the collision he was taken to Eden Hospital in Castro Valley for his injuries, where he passed away.

This tragic hit and run fatality points out the need for all of us to have adequate uninsured motorist coverage on our automobile insurance policies. Many people are not aware that pedestrians and even cyclists who are injured in hit and run accidents are covered by their uninsured motorist coverage on their automobile liability policies. Anyone, who is a family member and is living in the household of the insured, is also covered by the uninsured motorist coverage. Therefore, even non-drivers who are injured as pedestrians or cyclists are covered by the family’s uninsured motorist coverage. When someone is killed in a hit and run accident, the family is legally entitled to make a claim for his wrongful death under the terms of the policy.

In 2004, there were 68,000 pedestrian accidents. Of these pedestrian accidents 4,641 of the pedestrians were killed. As a Fremont personal injury attorney, I am well aware of the importance of a good uninsured motorist policy to protect oneself against both uninsured drivers and hit and run drivers. When you have been hit by a hit and run driver or an uninsured driver, it is critical that you know you legal rights under your uninsured motorist coverage.


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