Oakland Drivers Beware: 28% of Car Accidents Caused by Texting

avoid texting.jpgA recent study by the National Safety Council found that 28% percent of all auto accidents involve people who were texting. The numbers seem to be growing as more and more cell phones are sold. The Auto Club of Southern California has reported that the number of those texting while driving has double since the law banning this practice was passed in 2009. The number of persons injured in personal injury auto accidents appears to be increasing as well.

We know the dangers of texting. As noted recently, tests have shown that driving while texting impairs a driver more than driving with a blood alcohol of .08. The reasons appear obvious as drivers must look down, often at their lap, for extended periods of time while typing a text or responding to one.

As an Oakland personal injury lawyer, I am particularly concerned with this trend as we see more and more car accident injuries caused by texting. As a parent of four kids, I am also concerned about this trend. Anyone who has young children or teenagers is acutely aware of the ubiquity of cell phones and texting. It’s hard to have dinner without the cell phones going off or texts coming in. I can only imagine the challenge our kids have to ignore those texts or calls while they are driving. As parents we must continuously remind ourselves and our children of these dangers and not take texting while driving lightly.


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