Oakland Bicycle Injury Accidents Rising

share the l.jpgA study by the Rand Corporation shows that bicycle accidents in Oakland have risen 30% between 2000 and 2008. The same study showed even more bicycle injury accidents in Berkeley than in Oakland. Studies by the Department of Transportation reveal that 3% of all traffic deaths are related to bicycles.

One thing that can be done to reduce bicycle injury accidents and deaths caused by injuries is to know and follow the rules relating to bike lanes. California Vehicle Code section 21209 says that a motor vehicle shall not operate in a bike lane unless they are parking; entering or leaving the roadway; or preparing for a turn within 200 feet of an intersection. Bikers should know and follow the rules in Vehicle Code section 21208: always ride in the lane unless overtaking other vehicles; when preparing to make a left turn; to avoid hazardous conditions; when approaching an area where right turns are permitted; and never leave the lane without taking appropriate precautions and using the proper hand signals.

Bike riders can learn how to ride more safely and avoid accidents by signing up for a bicycle safety class offered by the East Bay Bicycle Coalition. Bike riders can also learn about their rights if they have been injured in an accident.

As an avid bicyclist I appreciate the fun and value of bike riding. As an Alameda personal injury lawyer, I have seen the tremendous harm caused by drivers and bicyclists not following the traffic laws and operating their vehicles safely. By following the laws and using good bike safety we can all help reduce the number of bicycle injuries and deaths.


Oakbrook, Oakland Bicycle Accidents on the Rise, February 1, 2010

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