Nursing Home Abuse & Negligence

Moving a loved one to a nursing home is an emotionally gut wrenching step. Residents of care facilities are often frail, vulnerable and possibly memory impaired. Fear for their well being and safety is overwhelming. I understand the challenges that family members who have had to place a loved one in a nursing home face. I have personally experienced this and for that reason I am vigilant in helping my clients with nursing home issues.

In my 27 years of practice I have unfortunately seen too many situations where a nursing home resident, through neglect, develops bed sores, dehydration, and weight loss which compromises their health. A preventable fall and broken hip can be a death sentence for an elderly person.

The nursing home industry is highly regulated both by the federal government and the state of California. To get the highest compensation for your loved one who has suffered abuse or neglect in a care facility or hospital, you need an attorney familiar with these complex laws and regulations. Technical command of medical and specifically geriatric terms is key to deciphering the volumes of medical records which are part of any nursing home litigation.

To get the best result for your loved one, you will need an attorney who has experience working against nursing homes and is dedicated to improving the nursing home environment in our state. I have been associated with the California Advocates for Nursing Home Reform (CANHR) to further improve nursing home care in California. I have successfully resolved many nursing home cases. (see Hulett v Campbell Residential Care in our successes section)

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