New Law Helps Alameda County Car Accident Victims

justice.jpgThe Governor signed a new law, AB 2284, on October 1, 2010 which will give car accident victims in Alameda County and throughout the State quicker and less expensive access to the court house.

The majority of Alameda personal injury auto accident cases generally involve less serious injuries such as neck and back sprains and strains. For years now, insurance companies have taken a hard stance on settling these claims and have forced many of them to trial by offering very low settlements. The trials would often last three to four days and would be expensive for the injured person to litigate. It was not uncommon to see insurance companies pay more to their lawyers and expert witnesses than they would to actually settle the claim of the injured person.

This new law will allow the parties to have their day in court, but will severely limit the expenses involved. Each side will be given three hours to put on all of their evidence. There will be a smaller jury panel (8 instead of 12 jurors). It is the intention to have cases heard in one day, including the jury selection.

As an Oakland personal injury lawyer, I believe this law will go a long way to providing justice to those involved in less serious automobile accidents. The injured parties will get their day in court without expending exorbitant amounts of money. Jurors who will not have to spend days or weeks in trial, will also be happy with this expedited process. The law will become effective on January 1, 2011.


Consumer Attorneys of California, Governor Signs Expedited Jury Trials Act, October 1, 2010

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