Fatal San Francisco Hit and Run Accident Kills Pedestrian

A San Francisco man was found unconscious at the intersection of 19th St and Folsom in San Francisco today. He later died. The coroner’s office determined that the injuries were most likely caused by a hit and run driver.

The number of pedestrian accidents annually is staggering. A recent report showed over 68,000 were struck by cars in one year. Of these pedestrian accidents, 4,641 pedestrians died. Most frequently these accidents occur between 8 pm and midnight (37% of all pedestrian vehicle accidents occurred during this time). Alcohol was a factor in almost half of the accidents. Interestingly, in those case where alcohol was involved 37% of the time, it was the pedestrian who had been drinking.

Speed was the critical factor that affected the severity of the pedestrian’s injuries. If the speed of the vehicle was 40 mph or higher, the pedestrian had a 85% chance of death. If the speed of the car was between 30 and 40 mph, the chance of death was reduced to 45%. If the speed was 20 mph or less, the risk of death was less than 10%.

A high percentage of these pedestrian accidents involve hit and run drivers like the San Francisco accident described above. Victims of hit and run accidents are entitled to make claims against their own auto insurance companies. These claims are known as uninsured motorist claims. As an Oakland personal injury attorney, I have seen too many unfortunate cases where victims of hit and run drivers were not properly insured. To adequately protect yourself against the risk of being struck by a hit and run driver, make sure your automobile policy has appropriately high levels of uninsured motorist coverage.


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