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I heard the other day yet another theory of how the young Pharaoh King Tutankhamen died and my interest was peaked. So many diverse theories have surrounded his demise; a blow to the head, various diseases possibly as a result of congenital malformations. But this latest theory falls into my line of work. Egyptologist Chris Nauton and a team of crash investigators posit that King Tut’s untimely death may have been caused by a chariot accident!! Their findings show that the injuries he sustained are consistent with a high-speed collision. car

As an Alameda Accident attorney for over 30 years, I have often hired experts in the fields of accident reconstruction, engineering, bio-engineering and biomechanical engineering to analyze the physical evidence of an accident and the injuries suffered as a result. Analysis of roadways, skid marks, property damage of the vehicles and witness statements can all help to determine how an accident occurrs and where the fault lies. Utilizing scientific methodologies, experts in these fields can testify in court about how an accident happened.

Further analysis can also help to determine the mechanism of an injury sustained in the accident. Testimony by a biomechanical expert in a trial illustrates to a jury how the motion and forces caused an injury. This type of testimony can be crucial especially in cases of traumatic brain injury if the victim cannot testify on his or her own behalf.

To date I have not had any experience with chariot accidents but these experts can be invaluable in car accidents, bicycle crashes, pedestrian vs automobile and motorcycle accidents. In the case of King Tut, the investigators utilized software simulations that lead them to the conclusion that he was killed in a chariot accident. The same computer simulation is employed today to demonstrate in court to a jury how an accident has occurred and the resultant injuries.

It is amazing that some 3300 years after his death, Mr. Nauton and his team have developed this theory of King Tut’s death. Obviously it was quite a challenge to reconstruct the accident after so much time has passed. If someone has been involved in an accident, I recommend contacting legal counsel as soon as medically possible. Over time valuable evidence can be lost or compromised. In the case of a fall, a defect in the sidewalk may be repaired before photos showing the defect can be obtained. The county or public works departments may change poor roadway designs after a major highway accident. Accidents that are caused by faulty highway design are extremely complex cases and necessitate experts in the field of traffic design. They will analyze the scene and determine if the standards according to the California Traffic Design were met in the design of the roadway. They will render an opinion with supporting evidence if a roadway defect was a significant contributing factor in the accident.

I am not sure that King Tut’s family would have pursued a wrongful death action. In fact, his accident would probably fall under the category of worker’s compensation as it is believed the accident occurred while leading his army into battle.


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