East Bay Hit and Run Driver Injures Cyclist

As a cyclist, and an Oakland personal injury lawyer, who represents many cyclists, I often see tragic hit and run accidents. Most recently, in Danville, a twenty-three year old driver, was allegedly operating his pick up truck while intoxicated caused a hit and run accident. He first ran into a bicyclist, then a pedestrian and then two vehicles. He was then apprehended by the police. Fortunately, none of the injured persons sustained life threatening injuries.

This accident points out the importance of several things. First from a safety point of view, no matter how careful you are as a cyclist, sometimes you just can’t avoid a collision. Therefore, the importance of good safety equipment is essential. Always wear a helmet. This is required for those 18 years of age or younger. Other safety laws designed to prevent bicycle accidents include the following: Brakes are required. The handlebars shall not be raised above the level of the shoulders. If riding at night, the following equipment is necessary: A lamp visible from a distance of 300 feet in front and from the sides; a rear red reflector; white or yellow reflectors on each pedal, shoe or ankle visible from the front and rear of the bike for a distance of 200 feet; a white or yellow reflector on each side on the front and back half of the bike or reflectorized wheels.

While we can’t alway avoid drunk drivers, we can take steps to help prevent bicycle accidents and to minimize their severity when they do happen. Following all the safety laws is important. Wearing a well designed helmet is probably the single most important thing you can do to prevent serious injury on a bicycle. Finally, know your legal rights if you have been injured in a bicycle accident.


Oakland Tribune, August 2, 2010, Brother of S.F. Giant held in Danville hit-run DUI

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