Defective Product Recall: Drop Side Cribs Related To Infant Deaths

6.jpgFederal regulators recently recalled over two million “drop-side” cribs. The Consumer Product Safety Commission determined that these cribs were responsible for at least 32 infant deaths, and possibly another 14 babies deaths.

Drop side cribs have moveable sides that go up and down to make it easier to reach the babies without straining your back. But the sides have failed over and over again causing needless deaths of innocent children. The sides can separate from the crib, and the baby’s body can fall into the gap, causing them to hang or suffocate.

These defects have been known for years. Perhaps now these defective products will be taken off the market once and for all. This latest recall brings the total number of cribs recalled to nine million. The Consumer Product Safety Commission is looking to completely ban these type baby cribs. The director of “Kids in Danger” strongly urges parents to avoid use of the drop down crib.

California Product liability laws are designed to protect children against defective products such as dangerous drop down cribs. If a manufacturer or retailer sells a dangerous or defective product that causes death or serious injury, it is financially responsible for the harm it causes. Such laws are designed to compensate victims of defective products and to deter manufacturers from placing harmful injury causing products on the market. As a Oakland product liability lawyer, I have seen the benefits of strong product liability laws that protect the public. If you are using a drop down crib, I strongly recommend discontinuing its use.


Graco®-Branded Drop Side Cribs Made by LaJobi Recalled Due to Entrapment and Suffocation Hazards,, April 29, 2010

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