Common Mistake Made By California Car Accident Victims When Dealing With Insurance Adjusters

formsAs a personal injury lawyer for the past 27 years, I have helped a lot of clients who have been injured in car accidents. Many of them have come to me after they have spoken with an insurance adjuster. In fact, many of them have come to me because of the way they have been treated by insurance adjusters. Unfortunately, often times people make serious mistakes when dealing directly with adjusters. Often these mistakes hurt their person injury case.

In order to help those injured in California auto accidents, I wrote an article entitled “8 Common Mistakes That Can Cost You Thousands Of Dollars When Dealing With Insurance Adjusters.” The most common mistake is giving the adjuster a written or recorded statement which I wrote about in a previous blog. The second biggest error is signing medical authorizations.

The main problem with signing a medical authorization is the scope of the authorization. The releases frequently permit the insurer to obtain any and all records, whether the records relate to the accident or not. Thus, people are divulging their entire medical history, often times, without their knowledge. This should never be done as sometimes previous, unrelated medical treatment is used as a pretense by insurance companies to argue that those unrelated problems are the cause of the current symptoms, and not the car crash.

As a personal injury attorney in the Alameda Oakland area, part of my job when a client comes in is to obtain the relevant and appropriate medical records. Only these records are provided to the insurance company at the time of the settlement of any claim. In this way, the client’s privacy is always protected, and the insurance company is still provided with all of the necessary documentation to show the nature and extent of the injuries suffered in the accident.

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