Car/Automobile Accidents

We recognize that as a result of an accident, your life has been changed.  Whiplash is a painful injury that can take a long time to recover.  Burns, nerve damage, broken or dislocated bones,  spinal chord paralysis, or loss of a limb are devastating injuries. Mounting medical bills and lost wages during recovery can create financial ruin.  

Our firm understands that your immediate goal after a traumatic auto accident is to get well.  While you are concentrating on healing, we will handle all the legal matters involving this accident.  We will get proper compensation for you and  we will make sure your insurance company considers any future treatment related to your injuries in that compensation.

Insurance companies have become very sophisticated in defending accidents.
They commonly hire engineering experts to bolster their defense that an accident did not have “injuring producing forces”, or there was an assumption of risk, or comparative negligence. In order to overcome the insurance companies’ defense, we hire the most capable experts in the fields of accident reconstruction, engineering, bio-engineering, bio-mechanical engineering to help win your case and obtain the highest compensation for your injuries.

For over 25 years, our firm has represented clients who have been injured through no fault of their own.  If  you have been personally injured in a car, truck, SUV, motorcycle or hit and run accident, we can help you recover compensation for your personal and property damage.  

We work closely with engineering experts to apply the basic principles of physics as they apply to accidents, investigate the forces involved in your accident and how they relate to your injuries. These strategies have helped us successfully represent clients who have been injured due to defective products or designs such as defective seat belts, air bags, tires and gas tanks as well.

We know that the pain you feel is real and you are entitled to compensation for it. At our office only an attorney will handle your case.   You will never be handed off  to a paralegal.

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