Big-rig Truck Accident in Castro Valley Kills Woman

truck.jpgOn October 26, 2010 a collision between two cars and a big rig truck on Highway 580 killed one woman and left another injured. One car became trapped under the big-rig just east of Grove Way. The driver of that car was pronounced dead at the scene. The freeway was closed for one and a half hours. The accident is still under investigation.

As an Oakland personal injury lawyer, I know that accidents such as these can be complex. It is of the utmost importance to do an immediate investigation to preserve evidence and locate and interview all possible witnesses.

There should be close scrutiny of the truck, the truck driver and the trucking company involved in this accident. Issues such as the experience of the driver, the driver’s record, the most recent driving logs, and vehicle “black boxes” should all be investigated. Even steering wheel motion can be indicative of driver fatigue. The trucking industry is highly regulated.Therefore, compliance with all relevant regulations should be reviewed.

Although the California Highway Patrol is investigating the accident, there are often areas that the investigating officers fail to investigate. It is therefore of extreme importance in trucking accidents that a thorough and immediate private investigation of the accident be completed as soon as possible. If the driver and the trucking company are negligent in the ownership, control, or operation of the truck, the trucking company will be liable in damages for the wrongful death of the woman driver.


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