Avoid Left Hand Turn Auto Accidents and Save Money Too!

left hand turnThe next time you are out driving, see how far you can go before you have to make a left turn. Better yet, see if you can avoid left turns altogether. If you drive for UPS, that’s just what you would be doing.

A few years ago, UPS initiated a system where their drivers avoid left turns. The company started using a computerized system called “package flow” which maps out the drivers’ routes to avoid left hand turns whenever possible. The company found that their drivers were wasting lots of time, and therefore burning lots of fuel while waiting for traffic to clear before making left hand turns. So they decided to route around them. The company found that by reducing the number of left hand turns, they reduced their driving miles by over 28.5 million and saved roughly 3.5 million gallons of gasoline!

It is well known that one of the most common types of auto accidents is the left turn collision occurring at an intersection. It is estimated that 27% of all intersection accidents in the United States are related to left hand turn crashes. As an Oakland personal injuryattorney, I would add that these left hand turn accidents also tend to cause severe injuries. This is due to the fact that the impacts are virtually head on, or in some cases to the side of the vehicle where there is far less protection.

So do yourself a favor. Avoid left hand turns at intersections whenever possible. You’ll be saving gas, reducing polluting emissions, and reducing your risk of personal injury accidents all at the same time. What a deal!


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