“Dutch Reach” can prevent dooring and save bicyclists’ lives New Medicare Regulation will help California nursing home residents Texting while driving: What is the phone manufacturer’s duty? Car slides into the Russian River- What is the State of California’s responsibility? Defective Takata Airbags, Your Safety, California Personal Injury Product Liability laws, and You Is the right to a jury trial vanishing in California? How video tape can effect your California personal injury claim The California law behind Caitlyn Jenner’s fatal car crash lawsuit against the paparazzi Injuries and deaths in hospitals largely preventable Alameda hit and run accidents occurring at an alarming rate Heads up play prevents serious sports injury Should California bike riders be allowed to roll through stop signs? Are Embedded Safety Lights A Good Idea For Alameda Pedestrians ? California looks at new law to reduce drunk driving deaths and injuries Lessons To Be Learned From Fatal Tesla Crash A Tale Of Two Judges, Part II California Court Rules Bicyclists Are Subject to Reckless Driving Laws A Tale Of Two Judges California Car Owners Deserve Honesty from Volkswagen California Consumers — Beware of Arbitration Clauses The future is here: Driverless Cars Lawyer Movies and the Oscars Insurance Study Shows Cars With Fewest Deaths City of South San Francisco Settles Wrongful Death Lawsuit Caused by Dangerous Condition of Public Property What is the parent’s legal liability in California for personal injuries when a teenage child throws a party at your house? New California Law Reduces Bicycle Injury Accidents Alameda Pedestrian Accidents Raise Safety Concerns Experts Invaluable for Alameda Personal Injury Practice Park Street’s Classic Car Show in Alameda California DMV tries new training methods to reduce teen car accidents A Cell Phone Camera can be Crucial in a Car Crash Concussions are Definitely Brain Injuries California Statute of Limitations for Personal Injury Claims: The Rules and Exceptions How Much Can I Recover for Medical Bills If I’m Injured in a California Car Accident? An Uninsured Motorist Lesson for California Drivers Have you suffered a head trauma or concussion in an accident? Help Prevent California Car Accidents This Holiday Season California Considering New Law On Self-Driving Cars A Positive Approach to Teaching Teenagers Good Driving Skills Which Help Reduce Personal Injuries and Deaths Related to Auto Accidents. Healdsburg California Century Bike Ride: A Fun Ride in the Sonoma Wine Country California’s ‘Woz’ Writes on Car Safety and His Rules of the Road Safety Concerns About Texting Being Ignored by U. S. Auto Manufacturers New Study Shows How California Law Lowers Risk Of Serious Teenage Auto Accidents Alameda Pedestrian Victim of Hit and Run Driver Cosco Busan Owner Sues Longs For San Francisco Bay Bridge Accident Long Term Affects of Head Injuries in Children: A Perspective for Parents of Children With Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries Is Your Facebook Page Discoverable In A California Personal Injury Lawsuit? San Francisco Pedestrian Suffers Personal Injuries When Struck By Bicyclist: Tips for Better Bicycle Safety Falls On Stairs: A Common Cause of Serious Brain Injuries In Children Help for California Drivers To Pay Medical Bills Incurred In Automobile Accidents California High School Player’s Brain Injury Claim Exposes Risks of Football Head Injuries University Of Texas Researchers Provide New Hope For Nerve Injury Victims California Wrongful Death Lawsuit Spurs Congress To Make Car Rental Industry Safer Santorum’s Hypocritical Position on California Medical Malpractice Claims Exposed Dog Bites Local Newscaster: Tips to Prevent Dog Bite Injuries Alameda Hit and Run Pedestrian Accidents: Citizens Concerned about Safety of Streets Hayward Construction Worker Died in Preventable Accident: Will His Family Be Entitled to Wrongful Death Benefits? Health Insurance: When Is a Denial of a Claim Bad Faith in California Personal Injury Awards Out Of Control: Fact Or Fiction. New Study Shows Media Influence. San Francisco Truck Accident Causes Injuries and Fire Oakland Resident Injured in Bus Accident Receives 10.5 Million Dollar Settlement California Victory for Insurance Companies Hurts Personal Injury Victims San Jose Police Report Will No Longer Respond to Non Injury Auto Accidents Personal Injury Lawyers told Not to Accept High Speed Train Crash Cases in China Motorcyclist Dies in Helmet Law Protest Bumper Cars Gone Wild: California Court Finds That a Rider Does Not Assume the Risk of Personal Injury at an Amusement Park California ATV Accidents on the Rise: What to do if You Have Been Injured in an ATV Accident City of Oakland Pays $750,000.00 to Pedestrian Injured on Sidewalk: An Example of a Dangerous Condition of Public Property Claim Fremont Driver Killed in Rear End Bridge Accident: Safety Tips if Your Vehicle is disabled on a Freeway or Bridge California Court Protects Rights of Uninjured Spouse Preventing California Swimming Pool Injuries and Deaths This Summer: Fixing Unsafe Drains and Pool Safety Awareness California Truck Drivers Held Liable For Negligent Parking Historic Alameda Bike Tour: A Few Safety Tips to Avoid Bike Injury Accidents Car Safety Tip for California Motorists Fremont Dog Attacks Young Girl Severing Her Ear Oakland Hit and Run Accident Shows Need for Uninsured Motorist Coverage San Francisco Baseball Fan Suffers Serious Brain Injury: Where was security? California Car Accident Victims: Avoid the Number 1 Mistake When Dealing With Insurance Adjusters California Underinsured Motorist Law Unfair to Car Accident Victims Oracle CEO Ellison Sits On Jury in California Slip and Fall Accident California Distributor Recalls Pogo Sticks Due to Risk of Serious Injury San Jose Rollover Car Accident Reminds Us of the Importance of Car Seat Safety Former Alameda City Attorney and City Manager File Claims Against the City Oakland Car Crash Highlights Need for Uninsured Motorist Coverage Common Mistake Made By California Car Accident Victims When Dealing With Insurance Adjusters Avoid Left Hand Turn Auto Accidents and Save Money Too! Bike Safety Tip To Avoid Getting “Doored” Younger Drivers Need To Wise Up When It Comes To Cell Phone Use Big Verdict Against Utility Company Shows How Injured Parties Get Treated by Big Business A Simple Way to Reduce Serious Injuries in Big Rig Truck Accidents: Stonger Underride Guards The Internet Has Now Reached Your Car’s Dashboard California Court Finds Maker of Motrin May be Liable for Punitive Damages California Court Holds Land Rover Responsible for Rollover Accident California Law Proposed to Reduce Head Injuries on Ski Slopes 8 Things you Should Know before Talking with an Insurance Adjuster if you have been Injured in an Automobile Accident Parents are urged to Install Proper Safety Seats for their Kids Alameda Man Charged with Manslaughter in Fatal Hayward Auto Accident California Courts Rule that Release Signed by Equestrian Does Not Bar Wrongful Death Claim by Her Parents How Private Are Your Emails in California? Alameda Doctor Accused of Sexual Assault: What’s the Employer’s Responsibility? Pit Bull Attacks 5th Grader in Vallejo: Are Pit Bulls More of a Danger than other Breeds? Safeway Truck Driver Held Responsible for Injuries Caused by How Truck was Parked New Laws for 2011 that Affect California Drivers Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day! Oakland Apartment Fire Causes 3 Deaths: Where were the Smoke Alarms? The Text Message that Changed my Life: The Dangers of Driving and Texting San Francisco Hotel Guests Sickened by Carbon Monoxide Exposure San Francisco Taxi Cab Accident Resulting in Two Deaths goes to D.A. 800 Pedestrian Personal Injury Accidents in San Francisco California Needs to Revise its Laws Concerning Bar Owners Responsibility for Drunk Drivers Oakland Injury Alert: Drop Side Cribs Banned Hayward Woman Badly Burned in Auto Accident Fire on San Mateo Bridge Continental Airline Held Responsible in Airplane Crash of Concorde Rohnert Park Pedestrian Accident Raises Questions About Teenage Driving Safety Oakland Street One of the Most Dangerous for Bikers Deaths in San Lorenzo Car Accident Related to Seat Belts San Jose Teenager Dies in Drunk Driving Accident Orinda Wet Roads Involved in Fatal Car Accident Alameda County Alert: Children’s Hooded Jackets Recalled Due to Strangulation Risk Richmond Student Settles Claim Against School District for Rape at School Dance Oakland Bicycle Injury Accidents Rising New California Appellate Case Points out Trap for Minors’ Uninsured Motorist Claims Oakland Man Dies After Fremont Hit And Run Pedestrian Accident Oakland Construction Worker Injury at Caldecott Tunnel Alameda Swimming Pools Closed Due to Unsafe Entrapment Dangers Notice to Alameda Families: Recall of Children’s Clothes Due to Choking Risks Alameda Dog Bites on the Rise: What Can We Do to Reduce Injuries? Big-rig Truck Accident in Castro Valley Kills Woman Oakland Personal Injury Lawyer Tips: Uninsured Motorist Claims By Thomas Lewellyn Child Injury Prevention: More Drop Side Cribs Recalled Alameda County Parents Alert: Baby Strollers Recalled Due to Risk of Injury San Leandro Party Ends in 2 Deaths and 2 Injuries Oakland Drivers Beware: 28% of Car Accidents Caused by Texting Alameda Police Chase in Webster Tube Ends in Serious Injury Auto Accident New Law Helps Alameda County Car Accident Victims Northern California Bus Accident Results in Brain Injury for Man in Wheelchair Alameda Car Crash Involves Drunk Driving in the Tube California Texting While Driving: More Dangerous than Drinking and Driving California Parents–Beware of Using Baby Sleep Positioners Defective Lawn Mowers Recalled Pit Bull Bites San Jose Postal Worker Alameda Pedestrian Accident Raises Questions About Safety of Crosswalk Alameda Pedestrian Struck in Park Street Crosswalk Accident San Leandro Resident Dies in Oakland Motorcycle Accident Oakland: A Bicycle Friendly Community Sexual Attack in Walnut Creek Apartment Complex: What is the Landlord’s Responsibility? Oakland Truck Accident: Questions That Need to be Asked California Asbestos Law: The Consumer Expectation Test Fatal California Car Accident Related to Texting San Francisco Pedestrian Killed in Crosswalk Defective Electric Blankets: How California Product Liability Law Protects You Keep California Safe: No Drunk Driving This Labor Day California School Injuries: What is Your Child’s School Doing to Keep it Safe? New Law to Help Prevent Teen Alcohol Deaths: Teen Alcohol Safety Act Value of Dog Bite Claims Goes Up Shocking California Elder Abuse Case Fatal San Francisco Hit and Run Accident Kills Pedestrian East Bay Hit and Run Driver Injures Cyclist Castro Valley Swimming Pool Death: Child at Daycare Oakland Dog Bite Causes Severe Facial Injury: Pit Bull to Blame? Castro Valley Swimming Pool Drowning: Lack of Supervision? Pottery Barn Pulls Drop Side Cribs: Infant Safety Must Come First Uninsured Motorist Accidents: Not Just an Alameda Problem Auto Accident Costs San Francisco Company Millions: The Law of Employer Liability Bay Area Bridge Toll Increases Impact Carpools and Motorcycles By Thomas Lewellyn Victory for Oakland Personal Injury Accident Victims: Medical Bills and the Collateral Source Rule Defective Product Recall: Drop Side Cribs Related To Infant Deaths Tragic Oakland Bike Accident Causes Death–Lessons to be Learned
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