Alameda County Parents Alert: Baby Strollers Recalled Due to Risk of Injury

stroller mother.jpgAs an Oakland personal injury lawyer, I am concerned about the safety of our children. In particular I am concerned about the risk of injury to babies from defective strollers and other baby products such as defective drop down cribs.

Recently, 2 million strollers were recalled by Graco Children’s Products, Inc. The Consumer Product Safety Commision had received reports of four deaths of babies in the Graco Quattro Tour and MetroLite model strollers. Children under the age of one year old are especially susceptible when they are unstrapped and their heads can become stuck between the stroller tray and set bottom.

The strollers being recalled were sold by Sears, Toys R Us and Target, among others. Consumers who purchased the strollers can call for a free repair kit at 877-828-4046. See the list of recalled strollers here. If you own one of these strollers, I urge you to contact the manufacturer and take all steps necessary to make your stroller safe.

Baby strollers which are unsafely designed and cause injury are considered defective products under California law. When a manufacturer places a dangerous stroller on the market that causes injury or death, it is strictly liable for the damages caused, including damages for medical bills, pain and suffering, and for losses caused by the wrongful death of children trapped in these strollers. These product liability laws are designed to keep the children of our communities safe and to keep manufacturers accountable when they place dangerous products on the market.


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