800 Pedestrian Personal Injury Accidents in San Francisco

crosswalks.jpgA recent report shows that San Francisco is one of the most dangerous cities in the country for pedestrians. The City averages 800 pedestrian accidents per year–an average of over two pedestrian accidents per day! The total number of accidents per year exceeds that of larger cities such as New York, London, and Tokyo.

The study shows that the primary cause of these accidents was driver inattentiveness and failure to yield the right of way. The design of the roadway, crosswalk, and site distances can also be contributing factors to pedestrian accidents.

The Federal Highway Safety Administration has adopted measures to help reduce pedestrian injuries and deaths. Over the past six years the Safety office has been working with states and cities to design safer pedestrian facilities and pedestrian safety action plans. It has produced a program entitled “Pedestrian Safety Strategic Plan.” The program has helped reduce the number of pedestrian injuries and fatalities where it has been implemented.

As a personal injury lawyer, working in the San Francisco Bay Area, I am glad to see our federal government is taking steps to help reduce these serious injury cases. When local or state governments fail to take appropriate safety steps, their failure may create dangerous conditions. In those instances the government will be liable along with the negligent driver for the personal injuries caused in the accident. If the a city or state has created or maintained a dangerous pedestrian crosswalk, you should know your rights against the government and take appropriate steps to make a timely claim.


SF Gate, San Francisco Streets Particularly Mean for Pedestrians, December 20, 2010

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