8 Things you Should Know before Talking with an Insurance Adjuster if you have been Injured in an Automobile Accident

brochureFrequently, I see critical mistakes that people make when dealing with insurance adjusters regarding personal injury claimscaused by car accidents. These mistakes are generally made before they have contacted a lawyer regarding their claim. As an Oakland Alameda personal injury attorney, I have written a brochure entitled “8 Critical Mistakes that can Cost you $$$ If You’ve been Injured in an Accident,” which you can obtain from my website. Today, I would like to discuss one of the biggest mistakes the uninformed make.

Soon after most accidents, an injured person will receive a telephone call from an insurance company adjuster. Often times, it may not be clear who the adjuster represents (this is especially true if the other person and you are insured with the same company). After some initial inquiry, the adjuster will innocuously ask if she can take a recorded statement from you. Most people, feeling that they have nothing to hide, will agree and give the recorded statement.

Unfortunately, this is one of the biggest mistakes that can be made. First of all, people are often still under the effects of medications if they have been seriously hurt. One cannot give a clear and accurate statement if they are on pain medications, even if they may be feeling up to it. Secondly, most individuals have never had a claim before. Therefore, they have no idea of the type of questions that will be asked. If not thought through ahead of time, they can give erroneous or incomplete answers to questions. While the injured person has never given a statement before, the seasoned insurance adjuster has taken thousands of statements and knows how to elicit information which will be helpful to the insurance company but harmful to the injured person. If you have been injured in an automobile accident, most personal injury lawyers will provide you with a free consultation to advise you of your rights. An early phone call to a lawyer before talking with the insurance adjuster will prevent you from making mistakes that the insurance company adjuster will later use against you.

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